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Kam-Biu Liu

Dr. Kam-biu Liu Ph.D.

George William Barineau III Professor Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences. Research Interests: Paleotempestology, Coastal paleoecology, Ice-core paleoclimatology, Global environmental change, Palynology and lake-sediments.

Terrence McCloskey

Terrence McCloskey

My main interest is in learning more about the behavior of North Atlantic hurricanes over various time scales. Particularly interesting is the possibility of climate driven changes in hurricane frequency in the Caribbean from the mid Holocene on. In addition to attempting to establish paleo-strike records for a number of sites in the western and southern Caribbean, I am currently working along the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Qiang Yao

Qiang will conduct his dissertation research in paleotempestology with the goal of producing well-validated empirical data on hurricane return periods in Louisiana and the adjacent Gulf coast region. These data are vital to improved risk assessment and economic development in our state.

Changqing Huang

I am very interested in the study of Geography. Recently I finished my pollen diagram of central Asia. It was a difficult task because there are few pollen Loess samples. I am now working on analyze pollen samples from the Caribbean to gain hurricane information. 


Shichen Tao

At present, I am working on my dissertation titled: “Pollen inferred vegetation and climatic changes over the past 20,000 years from the Lakes sediment, Xinjiang, China.

Thomas Bianchette

Thomas’s previous research dealt with the paleo-hurricane record of Gulf Shores, Alabama using paleotempestological principles and methods.  He continues to work on similar studies at Port Fourchon, Louisiana, Weeks Bay, Alabama, and Baja California, Mexico.  His dissertation work is a paleotempestological and paleoenvironmental reconstruction from various areas on Mexico’s Pacific coast. 


Recent Past Lab Members

Patrick Stoudt

Devyani Kar Ph.D.

Danielle Edwards

Jennifer Hathorn, M.S.

Dr. Lawrence Kiage Ph.D.

Jason Knowles Ph.D.

Yun Huang

Jon Breaux

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